NAPLES ART STUDIOS provides a unique artistic experience uniting three gallery spaces which showcases the working studios of several resident artists including artist/owners:


Richard W. Rosen, sculptor
Tracy Magen Rosen, painter/mixed media


The Artists


In 2006, Richard W. Rosen founded what is known today as the Naples Art District.

Living in the Philadelphia area as a child, one of his favorite activities was visiting his grandparents in the city. These visits were a feast for the senses full of excitement, sounds and colors from the many cars, clanging trolleys and diverse people. Tall buildings, crowded train yards and long bridges crossing rivers further inspired Rosen. Entwined with the man-made systems was nature in the form of beautiful parks and gardens; his grandparents always had colorful flowers in the small garden in front of their row house. As Rosen matured, his appreciation grew for the complex relationship between the manmade and nature.



Tracy Magen Rosen graduated The Philadelphia College of Art with a B.F.A. in Illustration. She and her husband, Richard, relocated from the Philadelphia area to Naples in 1994. As an artist Tracy’s work tends to be quite diverse. She has painted and drawn since her youth and has received several awards in recognition of her talent.

Melissa Belz

My collection of layered and brightly colored pieces reflects my positive and playful process while creating. Even a failed art exam in Middle School did not stop me from exploring different creative outlets throughout my life. Currently my exploration rests in acrylic, collage, and mixed media art.

Formally trained as an educator, my background has instilled in me a pursuit of lifelong learning. After publishing my first picture book, the illustrations sparked the art fire inside. I began pursuing classes for drawing which led to painting classes most recently as a student of “The Confident Brush” and a mentee of Natalie Parker. I begin each original with a purpose in mind whether it’s the subject, the colors, the technique or the feeling that I want to share with the viewer. After preparing each surface with gesso, a process of both exploration and deliberate layering is pursued. I enjoy the freedom of abstraction but also enjoy adding a touch of realism. The process is a transformation of raw canvas, paper, or other medium to art with a spirit of personal excellence and reflection.

As my creations evolve, I aim to provide joy and authenticity through art and literature and want to inspire others to seek their excellence in their own creative way.

melissa belz
wood carving

Phil Costello

Inspired by the nautical splendor of the New England coastline, Phil Costello creates sculptures and carvings that call forth the wonder and beauty of nature in wood.

Under the tutelage of master carvers Dimitrios Klitsas, Chris Pye, Wick Aherns and others, Phil learned the intricacies of wood-carving detail and design, utilizing wood as a medium to manifest beautiful, one-of-a-kind artistic treasures. Through unabashed determination and natural talent, Phil discovered a potential for creation that is boundless.

Through careful honing of technique and process, Phil has carved a place for himself among the finest artisans and adepts of the wood sculpting craft. From his studios in Southern Maine and Southwest Florida he is surrounded by the beauty in and around the ocean and is inspired to duplicate these nautical pieces in detail with masterful skill. His vision for design and the careful planning of each piece, along with the type of wood used, allows for efficient, flawless execution of realistic sculptures.

New and novel sculpture requests keep Phil in a continual state of artistic development, and he readily enjoys the challenge of creating custom commission works.

Kyle Hagstrom

My professional life has been as a doctor for the last 30 years, my passion has been art my whole life. As a child I witnessed the genius of my grandmother Ruth C Hagstrom who was a professional painter and teacher in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I have fond memories of watching and learning from her. I started as an avid photographer in High School and eventually found my paintbrush.

My favorite subjects are still life and landscapes both in oil and acrylic. I consider my style to be impressionistic and calming. I strive to create harmony and energy with color choices using classical techniques. I continue to hone my craft through many classes and workshops with a variety of teachers and styles. I learn from every experience.

His paintings can be found at NAPLES ART STUDIOS, North Line Plaza, 2172 J & C Boulevard, Naples, FL.

kyl;e hagstrom

The Studio

NAPLES ART STUDIOS, North Line Plaza, 2172 J & C Blvd.,

Naples, FL 34109